Jumpsuit Paradise Ambassador Perks

  1. You will get a 50% discount code that belongs to you, and a 25% discount code for your followers, every time your 25% code gets used you’ll receive $10 store credit(That can add up really quick).
  2. After your first purchase you'll have the chance to order 1 item for free every month provided by us (only pay shipping + handling)
  3. If you code get's used more than 3 times you'll have the Chance to receive a 20% commission for each item.
  4. Monthly Giveaways
  5. You will see our brand's new style two weeks in advance and can be the first ambassador to represent new products.
  6. We will select one ambassador every year and send them a $500 Gift card from our store.
  7. Once you receive your order please tag @jumpsuitparadise for a feature (make sure your picture is appropriate) so we can feature you.